PT Dharma Precision Parts, established in 1997, is a company that produces precision machining metal components used in a variety of products not only in automotive industry, but also in almost any other industry that require specific precision machining components. To maintain the highest quality products delivered to its customers, the company implements the principles of Quality Management ISO 9001 in its business process.

PT Dharma Precision Parts is always striving to improve its manpower skills and its equipment in order to produce high value products with utmost precision.

Products of Dharma Precision Parts, among others:

  • Oil Lock Piece
  • Hook Spring
  • Modulator
  • Oil Lock Collar
  • Nut Weld
  • Block Bracket
  • Collar Dumper
  • Stem Handle
  • Slider
  • Upper Spring Seat
  • Boss Handle
  • Collar Spring
  • Pipe Pivot
  • Pipe Steering
  • Pipe Comp Head
  • Boss Brake Pedal

To produce the best quality products and maintain on-time delivery, PT. Dharma Precision Parts employs qualified engineers and operators, and equipped with advanced technology equipment, such as:

  • CNC Lathe Machine
  • Hidraulic Bandsaw Machine
  • CNC Milling
  • Universal Cutter
  • NC Lathe Machine
  • Press Machine
  • Auto Lathe Machine
  • End Chamfering Machine
  • Bench Lathe Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Thread Rolling
  • Tapping & Drilling Machine

Dharma Precision Parts’ main customers :

  • PT. Astra Otoparts
  • PT. Denso Indonesia
  • PT. FCC Indonesia
  • PT. Mitsuba Indonesia Pipe Parts
  • PT. Sanyo Indonesia
  • PT. Showa Indonesia Manufacturing
  • PT. Trimitra Chitrahasta
  • PT. Yuzu Indonesia
  • PT. Yamaha Motor Electronics Indonesia